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Wimmer Vineyard

Wimmer Vineyard


Vigna Belvedere

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

There are so many wonderful sides to studying in Venice, the mind is swiftly blown by the architectural harmony, stunning Renaissance painting, and the fact you live in a fairy-tale land of canals and boats. But after a few months of treading the cobbled streets to lectures, it was the subtleties of lagoon culture that hooked me, and one foremost institution in particular, the local Cichetteria and the tumbler of prosecci that went with it.


As a student my sparkling drink of choice was Newcastle Brown Ale, so when this light, fruity, refreshing, and inexpensive glass of bubbles crept into my life, it became the daily tipple with those devilishly moreish Cichetti. While in Venice I made some dear friends, who, 20 years later introduced me to their dear friend Bettina, and she crafts the finest prosecco I have ever tasted, so I am seriously excited that Mayfly can announce Vigna Belvedere as its sole Prosecco agency.


Vigna Belvedere is a family run estate situated in the Friuli Venezia Giulia just to the North East of Treviso, whose history harks back to the 15th Century. The farm, along with nurturing 18 hectares of vines (8 hectares dedicated to Prosecco varietal Glera), also cultivate trees and biomass poppies. The farm is managed with utmost respect for the land and the natural environment, and is heading towards pure bio-dynamics. There are two absolute gems available from Vigna Belvedere, the Prosecco Brut DOC and the Prosecco Extra Dry DOC. The Brut is plump and harmonious, filled with peach, pear and orchard fruits. The Extra Dry is zippy and thirst quenching with lean flavour of apple and lemon. The dedication for perfection is very clear in both the presentation and the juice inside these superb bottles of Prosecco, and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to offer them in the UK.

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