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It is the result of an ongoing obsession with wine, food and fly fishing that the Mayfly Wine Co. has come to fruition. These three wonderful things in life have inspired us to sample the weird, follow the great, and hunt for the eclectic. Our philosophy and methodology is simple: we work closely with trusted suppliers and talented vignerons to source wines of exceptional pedigree and provenance for everyday drinking, serious collecting, festive events, and general merriment!

I (Pete Goss) was originally destined for the world of antiques, and after leaving Goldsmiths College, joined Christie’s. The wine department soon became infinitely more fascinating than the prospect of lifting oak court cupboards, and, after a stint helping at the Christie’s wine course, I made the leap into the wine trade. Over the last ten years I have worked for some of London’s top merchants covering all aspects of the industry. In preparation to ‘go it alone’, I thought it wise to see the trade from the other side, the winemakers side, so bought a one-way ticket to Beziers to graft in the vineyards with the wonderful team at Les Clos Perdus. This was a truly eye-opening experience, and confirmed the fact that however used to a 4.30am alarm you get, it will always be horrendous. I have a real soft spot for the wines of Southern France, but the aim at Mayfly is to build a range that presents serious quality at varying price points, and make ‘fine wine’ accessible.

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